Thursday, June 23, 2011

Borrowed... try out next range day:

I haven't had time to read up on them yet, but my neighbor didn't like it because the recoil hurt her hands.  It is extremely light, so I can see where that could bother somebody.  So far the only thing recoil has done to me is cause my hand to fly up with each shot.  

My main search right now is a dedicated self-defence/concealed carry gun that meshes well with my small hands.  I love shooting the Browning but I feel I still need to have a larger caliber for serious.  Murphy explained it to me very well - in an adrenaline fueled situation people don't stop because it hurts, they stop because things stop working.  I need to have a gun that will make things stop working quickly.

So now I'm anxious for range day again, but I have to work some credit hours so I can take off.  Dang job gets in the way of my having fun all the time any more.



  1. Oh, so it's going to be one of those, eh?

    They ARE light--and they recoil harshly with heavy loads--but I think that you can handle it.

    WV: brailim--what TSA goons do when a little boy tries to board a plane.

  2. Yeah, owner says it hurts the arthritis in her hands. I can understand why it would kick - not much to absorb the explosion.