Thursday, February 23, 2012


Another run to the vet's last night, another $100.  Granted, that's way less than the last 2 trips.  But on the way I noticed an occasional faint whiff of burning rubber. Another couple hundred $$ today for replacement of worn out belts on the suv.  Between cat and vehicle I could have bought a Glock and ammo over the last month.

Perry's ailment is a weird one.  The vet says she sees it fairly often - as the days begin to lengthen some young male cats develop bladder problems.  It acts like an infection but isn't - pain, constant pressure to pee, blood in the pee.  All that can be done is treat the symptoms - iv fluids to keep the urine from forming crystals, injections of strong pain killers to help with the bladder spasms, and now we are trying a prescription food for urinary tract problems.  In the meantime he paces and meows and dribbles pee on everything.  Blu has reacted to the stress of the situation by barfing all over everything.  And although I carefully mixed the new food with the old so that the change wouldn't upset tummies, they like the new food so well that they picked it out of the bowl and left the other.  End result being stomach upset and Blackberry is now also barfing all over the house.

I woke up this morning with a growling belly and a hungry headache courtesy of yesterday's Ash Wednesday fast.  Before I could get out of bed, Perry jumped up, slid under the covers, then crawled up in my arms.  He stretched his paws out and gently patted my face.  Then, after a couple nose licks, he nuzzled my cheek, and with his silky soft head nestled against my face, he fell fast asleep.  I was starving.  I had a headache.  And it was so lovely that I laid there with him for a half hour, unwilling to disturb his nap.

It's as bad as having kids.


  1. I'm not a cat person as a rule, but the last time I rented a cabin on the New River, the camp cat decided to hang out with me on the back deck as it was raining and I could not fish.

    He jumped up into my lap and promptly went to sleep while I was watching the river with my cup of coffee. Next thing I knew, 30 minutes evaporated as I fell asleep as well. He jumped up and went about his business.

    The bond between us and the animals is special. That was over 5 years ago and I remember it still.

  2. But they ARE kids... Hope you get them sorted out and healthy!

  3. @Rev - and somedays the bear eats my wallet...

    @Keads 7 NFO - Yep, and just about the time you are wanting to strangle them, they do something that makes it all worthwhile.