Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Clean-up Begins

Last October brought us a surprise 6 inches of wet snow.  It was quite pretty:

Unfortunately, the leaves were still on, so it pulled a lot of trees and limbs down, leaving some of us without power for several days.

So now with the occasional day of nice temps I'm attacking some of the downed stuff on my property.  I have a chain saw, but the last time it was used was the winter before Dad died in 1998 - it was his and it came to live at my house and I've never had it looked at to see if it's still functional.  I use axe, bow saw, sawzall, and loppers instead, and I really don't mind because the exercise is good for me.  The only serious problem is when I get to something that's really too thick for the sawzall - I tend to bend and break blades that way.

Slowly but surely, downed limbs are becoming piles of limbs and logs.

And since I plan to put in a wood stove, those piles of logs are becoming next winter's fuel.

Next step will be to borrow the neighbor's chipper so that the debris coming off these branches can become mulch. 


  1. What an abundant blessing right under your nose. Funny that with many things, the bad also brings the good.

    Exercise, mulch, wood to warm, and natural vitamin D! October snow has brought a good deal to end of February delight!

    1. A neighbor walking his dog saw me as I was working in the worst area. Great guy that he is, he says "Let me go get my chain saw - I can get that cleaned up in about 5 minutes." My response - "Oh, thanks! But I like doing it this way - I like the exercise." Blink blink and blank look on his part. "No, really, I'm serious, I LIKE doing this!"

  2. It seems strange to see all that bare ground. We'll be fortunate to have any before mid-May.

    p.s. Can I offer you some snow? We have LOTS.