Tuesday, December 4, 2012


No! No no no no!  Bad enough the clothes and hair are coming back!


  1. that is just wrong at so many levels

  2. LOL, I 'won't' be buying that one...

  3. Hey, I'd buy that! I bet it makes a very satisfying tinkling sound when tapped lightly with a .45 at 15 feet.

    Good Lord, I hate Christmas music.

  4. What you hate Christmas music???? I love it, but I am with PH, not gonna buy this one.

    1. Spent 10 years slaving away in retail. In the retail environment, you walk into a store, hear their piped in (or canned) Christmas music playing....well, in the Office supply Depot that I worked for, there was......drum-roll.....one CD that was approved by corporate for playing, at high volume, on loop, THE ENTIRE FRIKKIN SEASON. The next year, it may be a different CD. But it may not be. And its always the same songs on loop. Not even on shuffle. Just on loop. Same thing with the radio stations...there are, on average, only like twelve Christmas songs ever produced. And EVERY FRIKKIN ARTIST/GROUP HAS TO DO THEIR OWN RENDITION. The beat may change, but the lyrics and overall tune are still the same. Yeah. I hate Christmas music mostly for the lack of originality.