Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Ebola, crazy Islamists, and Obama supporters:  the country is certainly suffering a multitude of plagues.  I'm a bit more concerned by ebola now that it has jumped the pond because it's a virus and viruses are marvels at adaptation.  They have two overwhelming drives:  breach the cell wall of a host and multiply until the cell explodes. 

And I still haven't figured out what 3,000 of our troops are supposed to do in Africa.  Obviously once again people haven't learned from history.  One of the original, possibly main, vectors for spreading the Spanish Flu of 1918, which killed hundreds of millions, was the troop ships, barracks, and trenches of the military.  The close quarters created a perfect breeding and transfer ground for the disease.

If I get up one morning and my yard is blanketed by locust I'm making some phone calls and then disappearing deep into the the back woods somewhere.


  1. Or maybe it's the administration's plan to kill more troops without a "war on terror"? (/tinfoil hat off)

    1. What's interesting is that this administration has left us so cynical that we can think something like that is possible.

  2. Do the obama supporters and MSM count as one or two???