Friday, October 5, 2018

Apparently I Moved

To a third-world country governed by mob rule.

Personally, I think the affected office buildings in D.C. should be closed to visitors because there is a security risk to employees.  That includes the protesters invited in by Elizabeth Warren and others of that ilk to do as much damage as possible.  The buildings should be cleared, arrests made on disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  If ANY sign of rioting starts outside, then they should be taken down old-school HARD.  As many as possible should be crammed in cells and should not go before a magistrate until sometime Monday at the earliest.  They want to pretend that we're in Venezuela, let's play it that way.

Orrin Hatch made one mistake when confronted with harpies at an elevator yesterday.  When that harridan screamed out "How dare you talk to women that way!" he should have calmly replied "I'm not."  They aren't women.  They carry xy chromosomes but they don't deserve to be called women.

And of course Linda Sarsour showed up to "lead."  That is all you need to know to know that liberal women are dumb as posts.

My 5 year old granddaughter gets about 30 seconds of this behavior and then is sent to her room until it stops and she apologizes.  She is much more an adult and a much better person than any of the screaming beyotches downtown.

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  1. Lock them up for a month or two so they can see what being in a foreign prison is really like