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No woo woo part 2 today.  The one or two people who might have been anxiously awaiting it will have to wait - this is more important.

Anybody out and about has heard all sorts of bits and pieces about Christine Ford having possibly committed perjury during her testimony under oath.   Jeff Kuhner in Boston has actually been digging and following tips from his sources.  And he has some serious sources.  Today he published his report.  It should be read by all and posted everywhere, not just for the information, but for his spot-on conclusion.

She needs to be arrested for committing perjury
By Jeffrey T. Kuhner
The media is on the verge of pulling off one of the greatest propaganda coups in history. For weeks, our media elites have claimed that Prof. Christine Blasey Ford is “credible.” In fact, she is so credible, they say, that Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court must be defeated. They are wrong for one simple reason: Ford is a liar and a charlatan—a perjurer, who should be arrested for perpetrating a fraud upon Congress, Kavanaugh and America.
Ford claims that, when she was 15-years-old, she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh, who was then 17-years-old. This fundamental allegation has thrown the Senate confirmation process in chaos and risks derailing Kavanaugh’s nomination (and career). Due to her accusations, Kavanaugh is now the butt of national jokes. His life, reputation and good name are ruined. The media and popular culture mock him as a drunken rapist and lying sexual predator. He can no longer coach girls and boys basketball. Harvard does not want him to return to teach. His future as a federal judge is uncertain. In short, Kavanaugh—and his family—have been destroyed.
Yet, the media refuses to ask one seminal question: Is Ford telling the truth? The answer is: No. She is unable to identify the date, time, house or location of the alleged attack. Ford cannot even state how she arrived at the house party or how she got back home. The three witnesses that Ford cites—Mark Judge, Patrick Smyth and Leland Keyser—have repeatedly (and under oath) said the party never happened and that they never saw Kavanaugh do what Ford alleges. Keyser, her long-time friend, says she never knew or saw Kavanaugh—ever. Hence, Ford’s allegations are not just uncorroborated and unsubstantiated. They have been completely and directly repudiated.
Moreover, her story is full of holes and changing, false statements. In May 2012, Ford told her therapist—during a couple’s session with her husband—that the alleged assault took place in the mid-1980s, when she was 18- or 19-years-old. This means Kavanaugh could not have assaulted her. He was at Yale at the time in a different state. Yet, in her letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein and in her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford reversed herself, claiming the attack took place in the early-1980s when she was 15. On her polygraph test in the summer of 2018, Ford cancelled out “early 1980s” and replaced it with simply “1980s” when she discussed the time-frame for the alleged attempted rape. Ford also told her therapist that there were “four boys in the room.” Now, she says there were only two—Kavanaugh and Judge. In other words, her therapist’s notes hold the key to proving that Ford deliberately lied to the Senate. No wonder Ford’s lawyers are refusing to release her full therapist’s notes and polygraph results. They would expose her for the con artist that she is.
Ford claims that what triggered the 2012 therapy session was her trauma of the alleged Kavanaugh attack. The specific cause was a disagreement between her and her husband over whether to install a second front door to their house. She says the reason she wanted it was because a second door provided an “exit” in case of a future attempted rape. This is how traumatized Ford claimed she was. That is another lie. Building permits reveal that the second door was built at least one year before the therapy session—and maybe as far back as 2008. Ford and her husband were running a business/practice out of their home. This is why they needed—and installed—a second front door. One was for commercial use; the other residential use. It had nothing to do with her alleged anxiety and “sexual assault survivor” syndrome.
Ford has not only repeatedly lied, but committed perjury. She told the Senate Judiciary Committee—under oath—that, prior to the summer of 2018, she has never taken or helped coach/assist anyone to take or beat a polygraph test. This is false. Her ex-boyfriend, who dated Ford from 1992-1998, sent a letter to the committee signed under the penalty of a felony. He says he personally witnessed Ford coach a close friend, who had applied for a U.S. government job, on how to beat a polygraph. He asserts that, being a trained psychologist, Ford knew how to pass such a polygraph test.
Furthermore, he details all of Ford’s other lies—that she often flew on planes, including those with small-engine propellers, all over the world and never expressed any fear of flying; that she had no problem with confined spaces and living in small rooms/apartments with no exit doors; and that she never—not once—mentioned being sexually assaulted or Brett Kavanaugh’s name.
The evidence is overwhelming—and damning: Ford is an incorrigible liar, who has defamed an innocent, decent man. She has lied under oath. She has committed a serious crime. It’s time that Democratic smear operatives be held accountable for their slanderous, vile and false accusations. Ford must not be allowed to get away with it; she should be indicted and sent to prison.
What is truly frightening, however, is the media’s immense power. Through ceaseless character assassination, they are on the cusp of sinking Kavanaugh’s nomination. He is hanging on by a thread. Democrats are sensing blood. Key RINO Republicans, such as Sens. Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, are wavering. Americans should beware: If the Democratic-media complex can transform a boy scout like Kavanaugh into a younger Jack the Ripper, then no conservative (and non-liberal) is safe.
It is not just Kavanaugh’s fate that’s at stake. It is that of traditional America itself.

By the way, the death threats against Kuhner and his family were already bad.  They've now reached the point where his wife has asked him to consider changing careers.

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  1. I cannot adequately express my anger at the demonic slander, perjury, libel, and lies repeated by the Dimocrits in this matter, and against Trump and all conservatives.

  2. They drive-by media says she can not remember due to the trauma.
    I call BS. I have PTSD due to being robbed and beaten up.
    I recall details of how I was dressed the smells of the night air and the way the perps voice sounded. And it has been twenty years ago.
    Some things you never forget

  3. Heh. She needs to be sued, all of her legal team/advisors/cohorts/anyone connected to her need to be held accountable in a court of law. Heh. Ultimate irony....kick it up to the Supreme Court.