Friday, November 4, 2011

Glad It's Friday...

Up late, missed train.  Drove 75 miles to office.  Just as I'm turning into garage my mind flashes on a memory.  Or, rather, a lack thereof.  As a teleworker I have a laptop on which my work life resides and which goes to-from the office.  The memory that's lacking is one of said laptop and bag being put into the suv as I dashed out the door.  Quick flopping of hand behind seat finds no bag and no computer.  #$%*!!!!

Fortunately there was an open shared computer and I had work I could do without my own files, but of course my own computer has a history of the websites I regularly use and the shared computer doesn't.  And having become reliant on my computer to pop up URLs I don't remember them.  I had to go to Rev. Paul's site and click on a reply I made in order to get over here to my own blog. 

Brewpub here I come...


  1. That looks good - it's been one of those days here as well.

    Now to just find such a place down in this neck of the woods.

    Monday WILL be a better day.

  2. Hi, just stopped in from Bells a Ringing :) enjoy your beer, I am as well.

  3. I'm glad I could help. We've all had days like that - I hope yours is getting better.

  4. Stuff happens. Glad you made it through.