Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scandal Drums

Soooo... why is everybody assuming that the scandal attacks on Herman Cain are actually originating from the Democrats?

Cain is off the Business as Usual plantation, and that's enough to make any of the Massas mad enough to send the patterrollers after him.


  1. Good point. We've already seen that the Republican Machine doesn't like anyone who's not a RINO/Progressive from the East Coast.

  2. Yep... Can't have an election without a scandal... True or not!

  3. I wasn't paying that much attention but I assumed it was the Republicans.
    Or The Media.
    No real evidence, just vague allegations.

    I suspect the election's been decided. We lose.
    Voting is just a formality.

    Romney, Obama; Coke, Pepsi.
    I want 7-Up

    [Is it too late yet? Will Jeb Bush pop up at the last moment? Didn't I hear his name briefly within the past week? Are we even deeper down the slope than the most pessimistic among us have suggested?]