Monday, November 14, 2011

Thoughtful Kitties

Diagnosis - bacterial infection of throat.  Doc said something about it being like having bronchitis in the throat.  I really didn't care about the details.  At that point I was at the "Just make it better pleeeeeaaaasssseee!" stage.  Although I couldn't say that because I pretty much completely lost my voice for two days.  Thanks to antibiotics, I'm feeling better today.  Not ready to dance a jig, but better.

The cats have been happy to have me to cuddle with for hours on end, and apparently they are aware enough of something being wrong that they felt they should help with my care.  So when I woke up yesterday morning I found that they very thoughtfully had left breakfast in bed next to me:

I really was appreciative.  They were probably somewhat puzzled by my tossing their gift out the door, though.


  1. As long as you praise them ... the little glory-hounds (sorry - bad pun) that they are. :)

  2. Sweet.

    cats.... gotta love 'em

  3. Glad you're feeling better, and be glad it wasn't STILL alive when they dropped it off :-)

  4. Thanks, guys. I was glad it was intact - I've had to remove more damaged catches before and I didn't feel like doing a bunch of laundry.

  5. My sisters kitty leave's her gifts in my sisters slippers.

  6. Used to have a Spitz-mix who was an excellent mouser! She's leave her gift in the center of the bed, no skin broken, eyes bulging, in a puddle of dog drool.
    "See what a good dog I am?"