Monday, July 22, 2013

I've Missed You, Darlin'

Sunday was good, good, good.  I've discovered that in order to make sure I keep the Sabbath, I have to get away from the house.  Otherwise I will putter and pick, and work, and take care of that chore and this chore and then the day is all gone and it will have been just as busy with work and chores as any other day.

So yesterday was time spent peddling on the C&O Canal towpath, 20 miles worth.  Nice enough day, although intermittently cloudy.  Each time I go out and do something exercise-y it gets a little easier, which is a good sign, although my recovery rate is still slow - I'm still a bit tiredish today.  Of course, some of that may be the fact that I'm doing vigorous things in summer heat.

And after an extended period of hot and sweaty, it was time for a bit of this:

In this:

Yeah, it was nice.  The rains have kept the water refreshingly cool.

I need to go to the 8 am Mass on Sundays, instead of exhausting myself and then going to the 6 pm one.  Because by the time I get a shower and head out to Mass I'm sort of like this:

But the best part is that today was only a semi-Monday.  'Cause my great love and I got to go out together this morning.  First time since the first part of February - I was afraid I would have forgotten how to act around her after so long.

It was off to the range with Murphy's Law, who brought my baby's big brother along.  The range was pretty busy when we got there - looked like a pistol class maybe - so we set up on the 400 yd (m?) range, with targets set at 200 yd (m?)  as well.  There's a steel plate on the 400 line as well. scope.  Can't even see the thing from the firing line.

I was happy.  I was afraid that after so long I wouldn't be able to hit the broad side of a barn, but the 200  results were not so bad:

Actually hit the target on the 400 line a few times, too, and from the pattern I now know that I need to bring the sight down a bit - I was hitting high and shooting over.

Then some pistol work, with satisfying results.  I'm  a happy camper this evening.  I'd have been happier if I hadn't had to go back to work, but, oh well.  It was still a good couple days.


  1. She shoots good, folks. Come the day, she can be on my team any long as she can carry a can of linked 7.62mm ammo along with that carbine.

    1. Thanks! Maybe that would be a good conditioning exercise - run up and down the AT carrying ammo.