Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Own Him

I do not understand why liberal women like Pelosi are so upset about Wiener's behavior. They embraced it when they embraced the contraceptive/abortion mentality - a mentality that reduces women to objects. They celebrated it when they elevated Sandra Fluke to sainthood, and when they cheered Obamacare's use of government jackboots to force their beliefs on those who have religious objections. They danced with joy over it at the Democrat convention, worshiping at the feet at men who raised that behavior to an art form.

Liberals keep saying some version of "Everybody has their own truth." They demand choice. Well, all this is just Wiener's (Filner's, Spitzer's) truth, Wiener's (Filner's, Spitzer's) choice, and they can't have it both ways. Either there is an absolute moral standard that comes from outside of ourselves, or there is not. You can't demand a right to make your own definition of right and wrong but deny someone else the same right. You can't embrace something that benefits the predatory male more than any other group and then whine when a predatory male appears in your midst. This is your guy, liberal women - own him.

Liberal women howling about Wiener are just like the woman who runs around with a married man and then gets upset when he runs around on HER. 


  1. And therein lies the problem. Liberals demand that everyone have "their own truth", demand that everyone be able to make their own choices. As long as "their truth" and "choices" line up with what liberals believe...which is usually vague and flaps about in the winds of politics.

  2. Heh, funny isn't it... Now that it's hitting close to home, they want nothing to do with him, but they embraced Billy Boy the whole time! :-)

    1. Yeah, funny how Wiener sexting is worse in their minds than substantial rape allegation against "put some ice on it" Bubba was ignored.