Tuesday, December 3, 2013

She's A Beauty

And sweet, too.

Murphy's Law hit a home run with this one for sure.  Miss Memphis Belle is a lovely dog- bright, sweet, and affectionate, without shyness or timidity. A bit skinny, but that will improve with time and the curing of the Lyme and heartworm.

She seems to be settling in nicely.  Responds to her name, and obviously has had obedience training.  At some point she had a good life.

I don't think Murphy knows what he's in for yet.  He still thinks he's top dog.

Yeah, well, we'll see.

She does need to learn to eat her food right away, though, or Murph is going to get fat.


  1. That's a couple of happy doggies, right there!

  2. Pretty pups! Did you give them a workout?

  3. @Rev & Keads - They both have a bright, happy look to them.

    @NFO - They gave themselves one!