Monday, August 25, 2014

The Problem Is...

Or at least one of our many problems.

We shouldn't be putting troops into Iraq.  Not advisers (and make no mistake, those advisers are fighting), not air strikes, not boots on the ground.  We have no real strategy.  We have rules of engagement that guarantee that our soldiers will die.  And we will be acting as functionaries of Iran, who people seem to forget are well on their way to nuke power.  The bad kind.  The kind they can use to make a big mess in the Middle East.

We should be streaming materials to anyone in the area that wants to fight isis.  And at the same time we should be sealing our borders and doing some man-hunting here in our own country.  And not sending major bad guy leaders back to the field.   

But you know what the Dems need right now?  A war.  All the excitement and rallying.  They aren't looking good going into November.  So, suddenly, isis isn't j.v. league anymore.  In a couple weeks time, the yawning has turned into war drums beating.  Hagel, Kerry, Elizabeth Warren - a ton of people who have have been silent for months as isis slaughtered its way across Iraq.  I realize that their victims were only Christians, but, still.   I realize that the danger is coming across our open border, but still.  Look at those polls.  Something has to be done.  So, war.  And does any one want to take bets on whether or not Obama, once they get him off the golf course, bothers to go to Congress to get authorization?

Isis is a horror that I would like to see turned into a smear on the sand, with no pieces or fragments left.  I'd say they are animals but that would be an insult to animals.  They need to be removed from the face of the earth.  But if we go in there in our current state, under our current "leaders", all we are going to have is a lot of dead Americans and only some of the heads of the Hydra cut off.   Give the people looking into the eyes of the Hydra the means to cut its heads off over there, and concentrate on cutting off the heads that have come here.

h/t Jeff Kuhner, whose reasoning goes against my impulses.  But I have to agree.


  1. And don't forget, BO release Baghdadi... We had that SOB in custody...

  2. @Rick, NFO - It's not being reported, but we have had several jihadi actions in the US over the recent months, including ones that have killed people. If we don't choke them off in this country we are going to be in big trouble.