Friday, August 22, 2014

What's Wrong With This Picture? (Warning - Graphic)

American citizen James Foley, a non-combatant, butchered by Islamic extremists.

French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius, required by law to take the month of August as vacation, visiting Iraqi refugees in Ninevah last Sunday.  

England's Prime Minister David Cameron cuts his vacation in Cornwall short and returns to London.

American president Barak Obama, shortly after commenting on James Foley's murder, right back to the golf course.

We've long known that Obama is a narcissist at the identifiable disorder level.  Is he perhaps full blown mentally ill beyond that?  There seems to be absolutely nothing that breaks his focus on self-indulgence. 

It's a sad and dangerous state of affairs when a rebuke from the French government is legitimate and well deserved.


  1. A blogger surmised the other day that the president's mental state is so precarious that the golf course is his "happy place", and that he's probably on the verge of a complete disassociation from reality.

    I find nothing in the coverage & news reports to contradict said blogger.

  2. So, stand by for President Biden as the men in white coats drag B.O. off to the funny farm?

  3. Rev and NFO - I'm not convinced he is connected to reality even now. Either that or things are fine with him. On the other hand. I am sure that his supporters have no connection with reality.

    ML - Biden isn't black. That removes a major coverage from the clown that his boss doesn't have.