Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Heh. Clever Coexistance.

So, in NC last weekend 'cause my great-nephew will arive in May...

I think I'm nearly as excited as the grandparents-to-be are.

And on the way back to my sister's after the baby shower we stopped at one of the many micro-breweries that have cropped up in the Raleigh area in the last couple years:

It's directly across the street from a church. That was clever enough to put this sign in their yard:


On the home front, our regular vet, after studying Precious' files and biopsy reports from her emergency surgery, thinks that the problem may be parasites and we are now doing a 10 day round of white chalky stuff that will be followed by Drontal.  Drontal being a humongous pill that has an awful bitterness to it so you only get one good shot at getting it in.  If the victim, er, patient licks it all hope is lost - you won't get them out from under the sofa for a year.  Been there, done that, with last year's gazillion kittens. Precious was de-wormed as well but sometimes it takes more than one dose to kill the various buggers that strays can be infested with.

And I'm giving weekly B 12 shots - apparently she's not absorbing the vitamin properly from her food.

Right now just being on a prescription diet seems to have helped - I suppose it's less aggravating to irritated bowels.  She had lost 2 pounds - a lot for a cat that was less than 8 pounds to start with.  But she's gained 1 of those pounds back.  And she's back to being a total love bug every time I sit down.  Fortunately she's very forgiving about me shoving icky stuff down her throat and sticking her with needles.  I'll be happiest when she goes back to counter surfing but things are definately improving.

And Scooter is, happily, his same old self.  Gads he reminds me so much of Blu.

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  1. Congratulations on the soon to be great-nephew.
    I hear you on kitties and medicine