Saturday, March 4, 2017


River otter. Dead on the access road to my community.  I've seen sea otters while traveling in California but never seen a local river otter.  Would have much preferred to have seen this one from my kayak this summer.


  1. I had never seen an otter around my neck of the woods until I was 40. Local river is actually named "Otter River" and it runs through a town of the same name. Now I see them every time I go fishing. That's how I know when it's time to find a new fishing hole....these buggers eat everything in sight. Cute as a button when they see you and start barking at you, though. I do see them on the side of the road once in a great while; First time I ever saw and otter it was road kill and there was no water for about a 200 yards in all directions. Had to actually stop and confirm it was an otter and not a mink or a fisher.

    1. He was a ways up from the river. And on a blind curve. It was male - wondered if they go off looking for their own territory at some point.