Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nearly $4000 Later And We Still Don't Know

I thought that once Blackberry passed and I was left with 2 young cats the era of daily medication, which had lasted about a decade, was over.  The era of not being able to just set out a couple gravity feeders and a lot of water and take off was over.  I could up and go and not worry about hiring a pet sitter because it's been a decade of sick cats and that was finally over.

Apparently that's not in the cards.

You don't know what a relief it is to see Precious, formally named Mama, at her food bowl and eating.  And yet emergency exploratory surgery and days in the hospital has only been able to say that her colon is swollen up and her pancreous is inflamed.  I didn't know that the colon could swell but that was why they went in - the xrays showed the colon was occupying way more space than it should and they were afraid there was an obstruction.  She's on profalactic antibiotics while we wait for the results of biopsies. They didn't find anthing and so they couldn't fix anything.  But I brought her home today and she's eating like a pig.  She hasn't been eating - that was the first red flag that something was wrong. And then she started holding herself hunched up and clearly miserable.  I made an appointment with her vet but couldn't get in for a few days.  And then she let out a meow that is the closest to the sound of a cat in misery you'll ever hear.  And we were on the way to the emergency vet in Winchester in minutes.

If I had to bet, I'm thinking from what I read that pancreatitis will be the final diagnosis.  And that at the least her diet will have to be strictly controled.  Which pretty much ends the hope of just running away when I want to.


  1. Wow... Thanks for stepping up and taking care of her.

  2. Sorry to hear that...But I know that with you, she'll have the best care and love that she can get.

  3. I am sorry to hear about your kitty's distress.
    I hope they can fix her up real soon