Tuesday, March 7, 2017


There's supposed to be some "day without women" thing.  I have more important things to do that day.  Like clipping my toenails.

But it does occur to me that in order to be non-hypocritical the women who plan to sit on their hands that day should also give up anything invented by a man.  Like, you know, flush toilets.  Automobiles.  Microwaves.  And they might want to check out who invented the fibers used in any clothes they have and not wear anything made by or with anything invented by a man.

'Cause liberals wouldn't want to be hypocritical, would they?  Oh.  Wait.  Yeah.  Brahahahahahaha!!!


  1. And what about those women who depend on those women to be able to work and care for their children??? Or is it NOT for the children anymore??? How many women had to take off from work today to care for their kids that were out of school because of the walkout?

    1. Single mothers, totally screwed over by self centered air heads.