Friday, October 26, 2018

Whelp - Right On Three Counts.

I'm hearing that the guy they snagged for the fake bombs was partially identified by DNA left on envelopes.  Dunno for sure - the so-called news just make it up as they go - but if that's true then I'm confident they've got the right guy.  So my prediction that they'd find the perp quickly was right.

The mentally ill and stupid - also right.  Although I guess the stupid is so so, since bat-$#!+ crazy leads to less than clever actions.

The false flag part, not so much.  But I failed to factor in the mentally ill and stupid in that one.

A thought or two about Sayoc.  Body builder:

Steroids?  That's a fair amount of mass.  And steroids and Very Bad Behavior often seem to be tied together.

And the van (although this is more about me than him):

I won't put a SINGLE Trump bumper sticker on my suv because I live too close to DC.  I can't afford the deductible for repairs for vandalism.   

I hope Sessions wakes up long enough to nail this guy to the wall.

Update:  DNA or partial finger print?  Fake or real?  Still hearing both.  Somebody definitely has been just making it up as they go along just to have something to say.


  1. Unfaded stickers after months in Florida?

    1. There are so many questions. Some can be put down to the fact that he seems to have been very unstable. But yes, the stickers are...interesting. So is the report that I've heard that he was registered as a dem until 2016. And the packages were delivered in a cluster hundreds of miles apart - how was that done?