Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blog Shoot!

I've been remiss, but better late than never:  BLOG SHOOT SATURDAY, DEC 3!!!

Not too far from Charles Town, and it's supposed to be a nice place.  Murphy's Law has made the arrangements so I'm taking that as a guarantee.  I only have two pistols, a shotgun, and a Japanese rifle to play with, but I'll buy ammo if folks will let me play with their toys too.

We have a new Irish pub opening on Dec. 1 - I'm going to give it an official inspection on opening day (It will probably take me several hours to ensure that all their beer is good...) and check on space.  Mayhap we will end up back there to also inspect their food offerings.  Local friends of mine have been involved in its establishment and I have high hopes for it.  In any case, we will bang away at various targets from 9 to 2 and then thoroughly inspect SOMEBODIES food and drink offerings!

P.S. to Canada Jenn lurker - I live just down the street and I have a spare room if you really want to make the trip!


  1. PH- I'll bring some handguns (.380, 9mm, .45ACP) and a couple of rifles (30-30 and .22lr).

  2. Keads - thanks! I want to buy a couple guns but I don't want to do it without having handled enough to know what works best for my hand size, etc.

    Unfortunate update - no Irish pub yet. They've got their licenses but things aren't being delivered when they were supposed to. Fa.

  3. Bummer on the Pub!

    Any ideas on what you want to try out? I am bringing two "pocket" .380's (S&W bodyguard and Colt Mustang), a S&W M&P 9, Colt 1911A1 Commander, Colt M-4 carbine in .22lr and a Winchester Model 94 30-30.

  4. Keads - I like big bangs. Of course, the bigger the load, the wider it can make the grip for semi-automatics, and I have small hands. On the other hand, I find that what once felt big and awkward no longer feels as big because I'm more accustomed to handling guns now. Sooooo...guess I'm still in the trying out stage. Although I'd like my next purchase to be at least a 9 mm. With 3 dot sights. Really like those 3 dot sights. I'll probably like them even better when I remember to make an eye appt and get the new lenses I know I need...

  5. PH- The M&P 9 I'm bringing has the VTAC fiber optic three dots on it, I think you will enjoy it! ML should still have some of my nine ammo from the last time, but I'll bring a couple hundred rounds too.

    Dang! Guess I will have to clean it tonight, LOL!

  6. NFO- S&W M&P's?!?!?! LOL! Seriously, great!

  7. Wish I could have joined you all. I look forward to reading about it, and maybe joining in a future gathering.

    ProudHillbilly, I added a link to From the Caer at my blog. Hope that's cool with you.