Thursday, January 12, 2012

California man shoots intruder and is called ... a hero.

From KMPH, Fox 26 in California:
KINGSBURG, Calif. (KMPH) - A Kingsburg man opens fire, and now the father of four is being called a hero.
Deputies say he shot a man who broke into his home.
It happened at a house in Kingsburg, just after midnight, last Friday morning.
39-year-old Adan Duran says the intruder first broke into his truck, took a hammer out of his own tool box and tried to break in through the garage. When he couldn't, he went to the front of the house where he was confronted by two dogs that bit him.
Duran says he attacked the dogs and kept going.
He used the hammer to break the living room window, where Duran was waiting.
"When I see him come to me, I shoot at him," said Duran.
He fired one round from his .357 magnum revolver in an effort to protect his four children and his wife, who were all home.
"I don't like somebody to put one finger on anyone in my family," said Duran.
The intruder was hit in the thigh.
"I never think about killing him. I want to stop him," said Duran.
And he did.
The intruder fell back, and the father of four stood over him, holding a gun to his head while waiting for deputies to arrive.
"He told me ‘I want to kill people.' I told him, you move one finger, I'm going to shoot you on your head," said Duran.
His wife and kids had all locked themselves inside a bedroom - and stayed safe.
Duran says this is the first time he's ever aimed his gun at a person.
"This guy want to kill my family. I don't want that," said Duran.
Tulare County Sheriff's Deputies say the man that broke into this house, is 21-year-old Zaiven Ridley.
Deputies say he's from the Sacramento are but he walked to the Kingsburg home where he was shot.
He's still in the hospital, and deputies are still trying to figure out how he got to the Valley, and why he targeted the house. 
No charges will be filed against Duran, deputies say, in this case, it was legal for him to shoot the person who broke into his home and threatened to hurt him and his family.
Looks like not all of California is terminally infected by anti-gun liberalism.


  1. Seems like attitudes, even the attitudes in the media, are changing. Use to be this would have been called "tragic" and there would have been hand wringing about it, but now they call him a hero.

  2. Get stupid get shot

  3. @Andy - I understand gun sales were massive at Christmas.

    @fuzzys dad - Serious stupid.