Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years

And I'm feeling a bit brain dead...

Spent New Years Eve on duty at the local cold weather shelter.  Got home from church New Years Day to find a tree down on the lines and no electricity, so I retreated to a favorite local restaurant/bar, where I found other refugees from the street watching the Redskins game.  Been working on raking up leaves and putting down mulch. Other than that, I got nuttin to report - haven't even been paying attention to the news.


  1. Pheh! The news is for people who care about reality. Who needs that?

    Take it easy.

  2. Take Care.
    I will say a Prayer for you

  3. @Andy - Living in a state of unreality could have certain benefits.

    @fuzzys dad - Thanks. I'm not sick, though - just been disengaged and avoiding serious reflection on any subject.