Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's Diversity Lesson

Is from Andrew Klavan.  As a conservative, I know I'm responsible for everything from bad weather (I don't drive anything that involves the word "compact" because I'd lose it in my street's potholes) to Gabby Gifford's shooting (because somehow I made Jared Loughner crazy, I guess).  So a lesson in cultural sensitivity may be helpful in my quest to not make people who are nut-ball fanatics not be nut-ball fanatics.  Oh.  'Scuse me.  Did I say that?


  1. "Abandon principle, all ye who enter here."

    Nope; I refuse. I guess that makes me a hatemonger.

  2. Hatemonger over here too... and the GOOD coexist sticker is this one... http://www.cafepress.com/+gun_coexist_sticker_bumper,476333899

  3. @Rev Paul - The problem is that those of our culture demanding we kowtow are oblivious to the fact that we DO have a culture, and that they are nearly as vulnerable as we are because they still fit into the category of "Not us" when looked at by radical Islam.

    @Old NFO - Love it! I may have to order some!