Monday, January 23, 2012

Morning Giggle

From my in box this morning, some of them made me laugh.  The one at the end definitely: Occasional violation of the 4 safety rules involved. 

"Best Of" Gun Accidents 2011


  1. The scarey thing is for every one of those caught on tape there was probably 100 that weren't.

  2. Some of those are kinda sad like the kid who hot his father at the wedding.

  3. Yeah, truly sad and a miracle there weren't more bodies laying around...

  4. @Duke - Yeah, not everybody has someone around filming when the "Oh, sh#t!" moment happens.

    @Andy - Since the father gave the gun to the kid my sympathy is, um, muted.

    @Old NFO - Occasionally, I suspect, Darwin's law does kick in.

  5. tragic, yet funny.
    What was that last rifle the Arabs were shooting in that indoor range? That thing had some kick to it.