Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some Pretties

Before I left to spend a long weekend here...

...I had to do my daily flower check.   I think I may have finally reached the point where I will have something blooming from early Spring until frost.  On Thursday the peonies were just about there:

Yeah, they be very happy this year:

The irises have been lovely as usual:

And the Asian lilies that the deer haven't found (they are sort of hidden behind some irises, which deer don't like), went from...


The clematis I thought I had killed is loaded with buds and beginning to bloom and the yarrow and speedwell I put in a couple months ago are happily attracting butterflies.  And all that lovely rain has got my summer flowering plants booming green, green, green.


  1. Absolutely lovely; thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. Thank-you. I can't not have flowers. Lots of flowers. And I can't not constantly fiddle with them and put new in.

  2. Pretty flowers! And that IS a nice 'little' lake house too!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping for another invite when the lake water has warmed up.