Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In A Violin Case? Huh?

A bit of news popped up recently. It was dated the first week of January. I didn't see anything about it originally. I'm not really surprised. Except the violin case part. That has me scratching my head. Apparently, someone found a cache of guns while walking along the C&O Canal Towpath. They spotted a violin case. The violin case had a gun in it. Further investigation turned up the cache.

 Now, I'm not surprised by the gun cache. There's several things it could be tied to. We're in the midst of a major heroin epidemic - drugs mean turf wars. We are in the middle of a flood of illegals who are bringing gang wars with them. We are near the nation's capital and that means major terrorist targets. The media is whipping the pre-existing hatred of anyone with a non- liberal opinion into a frenzy - at least 2 performers have dropped out from performing at the Trump inaugeration because of death threats. There are several possible explanations for a gun cache. But what flabbergasted me was the whole gun-in-violin-case thing. I mean, really? They didn't think that a violin case left in the woods would stand out?

The story is at


  1. Unless they were simply disposing of an unwanted object.

  2. They were evidently buried in loose debris, between Canal road and the "off" side of the canal. The neighborhood is upper crusty, no gangs there..And no convenient place to stop on the road. Very odd. The story dried right up.

  3. My first thought was "media plant, but public outcry was low so story was abandoned". "Terrorist" works too....especially if prayer rug and Koran was found in the cache.