Tuesday, January 10, 2017

You Know, It Boils Down To One Of Two Things

Leaving out the raging hypocrisy that liberals have honed to an art form, there's only two possibilities for the reason the left is making the accusations it is.  If you've heard the news, you know they've reached new heights of disgusting during the Session confirmation hearings, including a protester being removed who didn't even know Session's actual name.

As with so many things, it's really easy to do some homework and find out what Trump really said, what he really did.  What Sessions really said, and what he really did.  In a minute or two and you can find a record of a complete quote, a record of actions.  You and I know that, among other things, Sessions broke the KKK in his home state.  Yet somehow confirming him will bring the KKK to power.

So it boils down to one of two things.  Either liberals are profoundly and deliberately uneducated and ignorant, or they are liars.  And more and more I think it's the latter.  I think that because of their "ends justify the means" philosophy, they are happily, merrily, and with a great deal of self-satisfied smugness, lying.  They know as well as anyone could that their accusations are false.  It's just too easy to investigate things - they HAVE to know.

I have no words to describe the depth of the contempt I feel for these people. 


  1. "I have no words to describe the depth of the contempt I feel for these people."

    Me, either. We must love them, and pray for them. But we don't have to like them ... and that's a good thing (for us), because I don't.

  2. "Their" version of history does not compute... And yes, they ARE contemptible.

  3. The ones I know here just blindly believe what they get on Facebook. Any fake news that fits their narrative is accepted without a question.