Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Good News

Got the results from Precious' biopsies today.  The only negative in the lot was that she isn't absorbing vitaman B properly.  If that's a permanent state it can be supplimented by a monthly injection, which isn't a problem. I've had a diabetic cat that had to have daily insulin injections and Blackberry had to have subcutaneous fluids the last 3 months of her life.  Giving a once a month injection is no problem.

They also say she might have inflammatory bowl syndrome just like humans do. Which can be controlled by diet.

The one thing the emergency vet says we need to do that had actually passed through my mind is repeat tests for intestinal parasites.  She said that sometimes they can "hide" and be missed.  Then they "bloom."  Precious had both giardia and tapeworms.  More kittens came in after she did, plus I battled that flea infestation for months even after she was treated, and fleas are carriers.  I've sometimes wondered if she could have been re-infected.

They didn't tell me until the tests came back negative that they were looking for cancer.  But I had already thought about that a lot.

She loves the prescription food as well as the chicken I poached and pureed for her.  She's eating like a horse.  If this is permanent I'll be making cat food at home - that prescription stuff cost me $78 for less than a month's supply.  I can buy things like chicken, peas, and human grade bone meal and puree and freeze it for way less per serving.

Last night she came down and snuggled while I was watching TV.  This morning she rousted me out of bed for breakfast.  She doesn't understand why I smooch her and try not to cry.  The vet comented on what a snuggly darling she is.  I think about how some idiot who I would like to smack the bejabbers out of is missing out on all the love she gives.


  1. That's fantastic news! I'm only sorry it cost you so much to find out she's pretty much okay. But she's paying you back in snuggles as fast as she can. :)

  2. Howdy!

    I had a cat that needed a vitamin B supplement for years due to absorption problems. I gave him an oral supplement (available through my veterinarian) twice daily. It came in a flavored liquid and he couldn't take his "medicine" fast enough. Loved the stuff. Worked wonders for him.

    His symptoms were neurological and I felt like I had turned the clock back a decade on his age once he started on the supplement. A miracle! I had been so scared that he was on his way out...


  3. Great news.
    I hear you about smacking someone silly.
    My girls found a deaf cat and brought her home she is a snuggle bug also