Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm in love.

It’s come late in life for me, but it has happened none the less. And I had to have help – I don’t know enough about such things to deal with this completely on my own. So Murphy’s Law stepped in and made the introductions. And I was immediately pretty sure that This Was The One. 

Handsome.  Elegant.  Perfectly proportioned in relationship to my short self.  A second date at Occupy Peacemaker, and I was sure. Once again Murphy’s Law stepped in, and he returned from his Christmas trip home with my new love:

Absolutely beautiful M-1 carbine made by Plainfield Machine Co.  Wood in perfect condition.  Barely used. Feels wonderful, like it was made just for me.  Shoots like a dream.

Today was range day, a perfect day for it, and I took possession of my new love.  Much pistol work first, with some training from ML on close encounters of the drawing your concealed weapon kind, as well as a lesson in retention. (Note to self - purchase real leather belt this weekend. This imitation crap can't take the stress.)  I am not a good multi-tasker;  pushing away with left hand and stepping back while sweeping shirt/jacket back and drawing and firing is going to require practice.  And yes, yes I can draw the .38 and find it in my hand with my shirt still wrapped around it.  In real life I hope I would have enough presence of mind (or enough sense of self preservation) to fire anyway but I wasn't going to put a hole in a perfectly good shirt for training.  ML had also repaired the H&R .22 and it is amazing how different it feels after several months of using firearms - it feels fine now whereas at first I didn't like it.  I still can't use it double action - I can pull that trigger way back but not quite far enough.  But single action feels good.

Finally, the M-1.  First time up - 25 yards:

50 yards:

100 yards (the shot in the 7 ring at about 11 o'clock is from ML's Springfield, which he was sighting):

And, finally, I finished messing up Murphy's Law's target at the 200 yard line - a cluster to the lower right and then I got the range:

I'm happy and excited - it was a terrific day at the range. Thanks, Murphy's Law, for bringing my baby home and showing me how to properly use it.  Thanks, Aaron of the Shekel, for parting with such a fine gun. 

Now I gotta go clean a bunch of guns...


  1. I'm so happy for you - that's a fantastic new toy!

  2. Sounds like a good day! And nice shootin' Gonna have to start calling you Tex! :-)

  3. I have one myself, army issue and passed down to me by family. The more I shoot it the more I love it. It is a fine, accurate and rugged tool.

    You might chase this link to a post I did on the M1 a while back.

  4. I love the M1 Carbine. I have one made by United Postal Meter. I just wish ammo was a cheap as it used to be for it.

  5. You're welcome and I hope you have as much fun with it as I had.

    Enjoy and use it in good health.

  6. @ML - Thanks. It was a really good day.

    @Old NFO and Andy - Thanks! Makes me feel like I actually have some eye-hand coordination...

    @Rev, JP, and Duke - Not only is it a beautiful gun, but it suits my small hands and short arms really well.

    And JP, thanks, I'll link over and read.

    @Aaron - I already know it's a good thing I ordered a fare amount of ammo for it because I can tell I'm going to be burning through a lot.