Thursday, January 19, 2012

No more cookies.

Granted, I try not to eat a lot of sweets - I have enough problems with weight without that.  But every once in a while a box of Thin Mints seems like a good idea, especially when proffered by cute little girls outside the local grocery store.  But as of today, no more Girl Scout cookies.  And the problem isn't my blood sugar level.  It's my blood pressure level after reading Cathy Ruse's "Say No to Girl Scout Cookies"

I hadn't thought about how much of the money goes back to the kids who work so hard to raise it - 10%.  Well, I guess that's more than 1 %, so the Occupy folks won't fuss.  But 90% goes to the Girl Scout business itself, and that seems like prime Evil Corporation territory so I'm waiting to hear from the Companies Are Bad folks.  All those parents who take time out of their days to make sure the girls have their meetings, projects, and sales are all volunteering their time to make sure the bureaucracy gets a regular pay day.

Not having  had a little girl in the house for many years, I haven't paid attention.  I didn't realize that a decision had been made to let boys who dress as girls in.  Bad enough there are parents who encourage gender confusion at a young age - this isn't the same as a tomboy in jeans, but little boys who think they are little girls.  No matter what some fool psychologist says, little boys and little girls most definitely have different parts.  Not to mention different genetic structures - there's that whole x and y chromosome thing.  That's called nature, and those who attack my opinions on this as the rantings of a religious nut can please explain to me how I am scientifically inaccurate when I observe that nature built male and female structures that serve different functions.  So little boys with their little boy parts belong in Boy Scouts.  If their parents think that's an issue then they can get off their media-seeking butts and form a Gender Confused Scouts if they want. 

Even that is not the kicker.  The kicker is Planned Parenthood's involvement.  You know, the people who make statements like "young people understand that they are entitled to sexual pleasure and how to experience different forms of sexual pleasure is important for their health and well-being."  And then they make a lot of money killing the inconvenient end result of an act that has as its primary function the survival of the species.  They have particularly excelled in making sure brown skinned varieties of Homo sapiens don't survive, a policy they've had since the group's founding.

100 Questions for the Girl Scouts has just that, and plenty more.  Unfortunately.   And while the slime hasn't worked its way into all Girl Scout councils, it is most definitely there and spreading. Enough that there will be no more Thin Mints in this house.

Oh, and, before anybody protests, that's my choice.  Planned Parenthood is all about choice, isn't it?


  1. Well said. I am glad this issue is finally getting some attention. Why would any Christian parent would have their daughter pimping for Planned Parenthood is beyond me.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I did not know the girl scouts were helping Planned Parenthood. I'm done buying their cookies.

  3. I also heard that Planned Parenthood distributed a pamphlet last March titled, Happy, Healthy and Hot to the Girl Scouts. See the brochure here:

    A news article about it is here:

    Their morals have gone out the window and they've sold these young girls out.

    I'm not buying any more cookies either.

    1. This is just more misinformation. Cathy Ruse's story has been well refuted as has the pamphlet story. Did you even go to the website of the pamphlet? It's the International Planned Parenthood Foundation of the United Kingdom. And the pamphlet is directed at HIV positive people in other countries, not the US. Learning safe sex practices is critical to reducing the rate of HIV. Not to mention the sadness that many young girls are infected by rape in war-torn countries like Libya and Darfur.

  4. @David, Andy, and Rose - I'm sorry for the kids, but enough is enough.

  5. And since you asked how you are scientifically inaccurate -
    There are genetic defects at the sex chromosomes (such as XXY) as well as the timing of hormones in the uterus that can affect the appearance of male and female structures and potentially gender identification. Sexual differentiation does not begin to take place until the 6th and 8th week of pregnancy. If the timing is off on hormone secretion the genitals can develop opposite of the persons genetic sex.
    Sex is determined in many reptiles by the temperature the eggs incubate at.
    And some male fish like Nemo (clown fish) can change sex when the dominate female is removed.
    Yeah, I took biology.

  6. Planned Parenthood is part of the International Planned Parenthood - there is no difference. You lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. With apologies to the dogs.

    I took biology, too. Yes, I'm aware that things can go funny with chromosomes - that is why I had a cousin with Down's Syndrome. But a human being is not a frog. And our society is becoming filled with parents that don't value children as they should - they are just a vehicle for their ego. And press = ego rub.

    1. Well said PH. People have become to accustomed to making 'allowances' these days. Evil IS evil. Period. There's no such thing as "kinda bad, but not really."